Monday, May 21, 2007

Naughty Monkey

After I finished weaving in all of my Baby Surprise ends, I was free to begin something using my Fleece Artist sock yarn. I've been so anxious to give it a test run ever since I took some home a few weeks ago. I exercised my self-control by waiting until I had finished my Baby Surprise but I wasn't going to wait a day longer.

Of course, not having tested it out yet didn't stop me from getting yet another skein of the oh-so-gorgeous-prettiest-yarn-I've-ever-seen skeins. This color is called Origin.

I have been hearing good things and seeing some really nice looking Monkey socks so I thought I would use my Mermaid colorway to make myself a pair. After going down two needle sizes (loose knitter here!), I was able to get gauge. About three inches in, I decided that I should give it a little try-on since it was looking pretty big. The pattern calls for 4 repeats which yields an 8 inch unstreched circumference. Hello saggy sock! I pinched off one of the repeats to see if that would still fit me and, supported by the consensus of the Sunday Circles group, decided to rip it out and start over sizing down the pattern to 3 repeats.

Here is the short version of the painful second half of this story: Tink first sock. Start over. Looking good. 3 inches done. Wait...This seems a little small. Try it on again. GRRR!!! It barely fits over my heel. Rip again. Curse the Monkey pattern and my in-between sized measurements.

This is a photo taken before the second round of ripping.

Even with all the pain, that is still some nice looking yarn!

After all that monkeying with Monkey, I think I am going to let it rest and make some Jaywalkers out of this yarn. I haven't gauged for that one yet. This may end up being a Sensational Sock instead. Time will tell. Until then, I plan to keep oooohhhhing and aaaahhhhing over my Fleece Artist.

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  1. Hi Trin, I was checking out your blog today and noticed that you actually photographed your yarn in front of your spinach plant - what's up with that? You are so funny! Actually, that spinach looks good enough (and big enough) to eat! Go have a salad or something! Love, Mom


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