Sunday, May 13, 2007

Veggie Dinner with a side of Cheap Ass

Weekends are glorious, yes they are. This weekend started with our turn as hosts of the Veggie Dinner Club. The Veggie Dinner Club consists of these wonderful folks:

Sylvie, Miriam, Me, Paul, Ann and Lee

And from the other side of the room: Paul, Ann, Lee, Beth, Sylvie and Miriam

Each of the households takes a turn cooking a fabulous vegetarian feast for the group. We rotate the duty and meet once a month to partake and imbibe. When Beth moved to town she brought this tradition with her from Chicago and set up shop. Thanks to her we have gotten to know all of these fabulous people.

After our dinner of Tropical Gazpacho and Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos, we proceeded to the Cheap Ass portion of the evening in which we were Bitin' Off Hedz. I, the pretty, pretty princess, did not win. That honor went to the Stegosaurus. Although, the Homie and the Drunken Santa held their own.

It was a fantastic Friday evening.

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