Saturday, May 19, 2007

Retail Therapy

After work yesterday I felt I deserved a little reward for making it through the week with my sanity intact. Lucky for me, the Harvard Ceramics Program was having their spring show and sale. I went straight from work to the sale and indulged in much oogling of the pottery.

I was looking primarily for myself but I also always have an eye out for something that fellow pottery lover and friend Jamie might be impressed by. I was walking around thinking "" I finally decided on something I wanted to use as a butter dish:

While waiting in line to pay I looked at the wall behind the register and saw FISH! Why did fish make me so excited? Because I have been thinking for weeks and weeks about what to get my dad for his birthday (next weekend). He is one of those people who doesn't need or want much and what he does need or want, he goes out and buys. That leaves potential gift-givers like me at a loss for gift ideas. I want his gift to be something that he would enjoy or have a use for. I have knitted him gifts in the past but have pretty much exhausted that avenue for the time being. Luckily he does have one theme/collection that has been growing over the years.....drum roll please.....FISH!

Those were some pretty dang cool looking fish staring at me from behind the register. Each of the fish was totally different from the others but all of them had these sort of grumpy/harried/worn down faces and expressions that I totally loved. I chose one that I thought my dad would like just in time for it to be my turn at the register. Luck was definitely on my side.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to package and ship it from Boston to Minneapolis without breaking it!

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