Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Della Q Circular Needle Case

Hooray! Something for organizing circular needles that is smallish, pretty and effective! I am so loving my Della Q circular case. It expands nicely when it is chock full of needles.

It has 12 needle pockets for needles sizes 2-15. The needles sit sideways in the pockets with the tips sticking out. The needles can shift around a little but haven't been slipping out of their pockets if I open and close the case carefully. When the case is closed I haven't had any of the needles move out of their assigned seats.

My only complaint is that the pocket sizes don't include 0, 1 or 10.5. Those are all sizes that I tend to use frequently.

My solution was to put the 10.5 needles in with the size 11 needles which frees up the 10 pockets (I don't own any size 10 circulars) for the size 0 and size 1 needles. It is easy for me to remember they are there because 10 is made up of a 0 and a 1.

I am not really into storing my needles in cases. My straights and double pointed needles are in vases in my apartment. Circulars are the trickiest to organize and store. They lend themselves well to a needle case but up until I saw this case, I wasn't impressed with the options. They either felt too utilitarian, like the hanging storage/sorter version, or too much like a cd case. So far I am really pleased with this case, both aesthetically and practically speaking.

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