Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Meet Absorba, The Great Bathmat!

This is a recently completed project that was made from yarn that has lived in my stash almost as long as I have been a knitter. Both yarns were purchased without a plan. The white yarn was purchased right after I learned how to knit (7 years ago!) because it seemed like such a good deal. Duh! Very few people would torture themselves by knitting with yarn that thick and unforgiving. Little did I know there were very few things that I would want to make from GIGANTIC white cotton yarn. The green yarn was on sale and came as a kit. Again, in a moment of craziness, I neglected to think about what the yarn would look and feel like when knit up...super thick and dense fabric.

So, the yarn moved along with me from residence to residence until I came across Absorba, The Great Bathmat from Mason Dixon Knitting. I had just the right yarn and who can resist knitting a project with such an excellent name! In the process, I also got to try out the log cabin knitting technique. I found the technique to be interesting but the yarn I used made it a painful experience for my hands and arms. I will have to try another log cabin project with thinner yarn.

Yarn: Classic Elite - Weekend Cotton and Sugar 'n Cream - Crafter's Cotton

Colors: 4835 (Green) and 100 (White)

Pattern: Absorba, The Great Bathmat from Mason Dixon Knitting

Variations: Added stripes along one side in order to make the mat more rectangular shaped and substituted my yarns for the tripled Peaches & Cream yarn

Now the challenge will be keeping the bathmat it in the realm of white amidst all of the dog fur that finds its way into the bathroom.

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