Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunny Sunday with Strawberries and Scattergories

Strawberries! Today was one of the best days of the season to go strawberry picking. The berries were ripe and plentiful and the weather was beautiful. Liz, Bonnie and I drove up to Danvers, MA where we got our berry fix at Connors farm. We didn't leave until each of us had stained fingers and at least 4 pints of strawberries.

Me, Liz and Bonnie

We are all thinking of creative ways to consume multiple pounds of juicy, ripe strawberries before they go bad. Do you have any favorite strawberry recipes? Leave a comment.

Paul, Beth and Me

Tonight Beth hosted us for a veggie risotto dinner followed by some game playing. We experienced a long-awaited game of Blokus and followed it with not one, but two games of Scattergories. I finally got my fix of Scattergories. Paul has been forewarning people that they shouldn't play that game with me. I think he is just bitter because I beat him at it one too many times. He was on top of his Scattergories playing tonight, tying me for the win on the first game, with Beth taking the second game. What better thing to top the night off with but an ice cream cone from Christina's? Nothing. So, to Christina's we went.


  1. Hmpf... that fellow on the left looks mighty handsome. Also you can just tell he's some sort of prodigy. I'm jealous.

  2. Wish I could've been at the veggie dinner eating/game playing/ice cream havin' evening with you three! You look so happy. That's great! I'm glad you met through me because that's what I like to do with good people--is put 'em together and hope they have a blast! Mission accomplished.

    Love you! Jerri


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