Monday, June 4, 2007

Sacrificial Beans

About a month or so ago, I planted bean seeds in my garden. Immediately after planting them, there was a whole weekend of hard rain. I was worried that the seeds wouldn't sprout seeing as they were flooded so much that many of them popped back up and out of the soil. I also has residual worry from the one other time in my life that I had my very own garden space. None of the seeds that I planted in that space sprouted, not the carrots nor the lettuce nor any other seed. I was a little worried that I was somehow defective when it came to growing things from seeds.

Well, lo and behold. The seeds sprouted. So many of them sprouted that I knew I was going to have to thin them out. Since I was so overjoyed that they even sprouted, I was feeling a little sad that I was going to have yank some of them up and out of the soil. I know that is how it has to be done, but it was a little sad. I had to have Paul come out to take the emotional edge of the sacrificial yanking. We each did a row. Don't they look lonely now? Notice the pile of sacrificial beans at the bottom of the photo.

The same story will be happening again in two weeks but with beets. They are coming up like weeds!

If you look at the right edge of the photo, you'll see my collard green plant. It is ready for me to start eating from it. I love walking outside and grabbing something fresh to cook.

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