Friday, June 8, 2007

Graveyard, Market Basket and Chipping Paint

New England is unlike the Midwest in that there are incredibly beautiful, historic sites/buildings/spaces tucked into communities. Sometimes they are found in unexpected places. I love that the region respects the history of the community enough to not build a Blockbuster on them. I find it humorous what ends up habitating the nearby land.

For example, I regularly pass a cemetery on my way to and from work. It is a cemetery from the 1800s, judging by the dates on the headstones. The old cemeteries in these areas tend to be filled with decrepit headstones scattered about the space. Some of them have intricately carved angels, skulls and crossbones while others have simple name and date carvings.

This graveyard happens to sit right next to the Market Basket (a grocery store that specializing in being the cheapest around). The graveyard is surrounded by a fence, which means that it sits there undisturbed, for the most part. I will say that while I was spying I noticed that someone had tossed a vacuum cleaner over the fence. Maybe the dead needed to tidy up?

The fact that I can randomly stumble across historical spots is one of the aspects of the region that charms me into staying here despite the crazy driving and even crazier cost of living. Plus, I really have a thing for peeling paint. I find it really aesthetically pleasing.

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