Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stash Busting

With the exception of the yarn I bought to make my dad's birthday hats, I have not bought yarn since February. (Insert pat on the back.) Since February there have been many, many good yarn sales and fiber events that I have had to resist. Despite not having purchased any yarn, I have had plenty to knit. I have been stashbusting. And I like it!

These photos are of my recently completed Victoria Fingerless Mittens. The pattern is from the book, "Knitting Little Luxuries." I knit it with Classic Elite's Classic Silk yarn which I had leftover from my Minimalist Cardigan.

Next is another Felted Bowl that has yet to be felted. This yarn was leftover from wristwarmers I made Paul a few years ago. It is Noro Kureyon and I held it double to make the bowl.

Next up is a little Apple Cozy. Around my house, I am known for my "fruit friends", which are the pieces of fruit that I put in my bag and them proceed to carry to work (and sometimes back and forth a few times). Oftentimes I end up having to throw my fruit friends away because they get all smashed up in my bag. To extend their life a little, I have knit an apple cozy. I might also knit a banana cozy, but then again...maybe that isn't such a great idea :) This yarn may take the cake for being in my stash the longest. Sally gave it to me at least 5 years ago, if not longer.

My lunchtime knitting friend Cassie recently shared a good stashbusting project that she was working on. I have already made three of them with my leftover cotton yarn. They are called Tribbles and are meant to be little scrubbers for dishwashing. You can use them instead of sponges and when they get nasty, they can be put through the washing machine and reused.

So, despite not adding any new yarn to my stash, I have been happily knitting away.


  1. a fruit cozy is such a great idea! i'm known to do a similar thing with fruit in my work bag. love it!

  2. Wow, I have absolutely no recollection of giving you that yarn. Brain fade ...


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