Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Project 365: Day 124

Labor Ain't Cheap

I have an update on the rebellious kitchen. I had to take a half day of vacation time today to be at home from 1-5, because apparently the repair people do not believe in scheduling appointments for any less than a 4 hour span of time. Grrr. Anyway, the very friendly and chatty repairman came and looked at our range. Apparently, we were fortunate that we didn't burn down our house. The oven stopped working because the power cord was installed improperly and had been arcing the electricity for so long that it finally melted and broke apart. The cord was completely detached from where it is supposed to connect to the stove electrical terminal. $166 and one electrical terminal later and it still isn't completely fixed. Our next step is to get a replacement power cord, install it, plug it in and hope that it works properly. Our bill was for a $6 part and $160 of labor. He was at our house for less than an hour! I need to get more versed on homeowner DIY stuff, because, man, labor is sooo expensive.


  1. I feel your pain - we got home from a long weekend to discover our air conditioning not working (and we're in South Florida, so that's baaaaaad). $390 later, we have a new electrical meter block (the wires that connect our electric meter to our main circuit breaker). The aluminum wire had become brittle and burned. Luckily, it just burned out and did not start a bigger fire.

  2. Makes me think I should have gotten into something besides librarianship. ;)

  3. ouch! unfortunately, unless you know someone, that type of labor is never cheap. my advice is to learn how to do as many things as possible yourself! Not that electricity is something to be messed with...just speaking generally :)


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