Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekend Recap

Since I am out of town this weekend and can't post until I get back, I am going to share some things from last weekend so you don't get too bored with my blog.

Last Sunday morning, Sally, Mike, Paul and I all played disc golf together. We played at the 12 hole course at Plymouth Creek Park. It is a really nice course, with a good balance of easy and tricky holes. This was the first time that Sally and Mike have played disc golf. I hope they enjoyed it enough to want to play with us again, because Paul and I had a good time.

While we were there, we saw this mammoth dragonfly. It nearly lost a battle with a bee, so while it was recovering, it held still long enough for me to take a photo.

I have been busy trying my best to preserve a bunch of produce my dad gave me recently before it is past its prime. It is a lot of pressure to have so much produce that you have to deal with immediately. All of the information I read about freezing, drying and canning all stress that you have to process things immediately after they are picked or else it won't taste good. I made dill refrigerator pickles, sundried tomatoes and dried peppers. I love the aesthetic of stuff in mason jars.

Words of wisdom from a church in my neighborhood.

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