Thursday, August 27, 2009

Project 365: Day 146

Appreciation Day

Today was Employee Appreciation Day at my work. We took a chartered bus to Como Park and had a great picnic catered by Three Sons. After the picnic, we had plenty of time to roam the park. There were a lot of beautiful things to see including an amazing butterfly garden, many blooming flowers in the conservatory and a SLOTH in the rainforest garden. I had a great time hanging out with co-workers Sarah and Pam and taking in the beautiful day in a beautiful place. We even carved out a little time to sit and knit in the sunken garden. Bliss!

It was totally the day for eating outside. For dinner tonight, we met up with some friends to check out Minnehaha Falls and eat at the Sea Salt Eatery. This place is so ridiculously close to our house, it was about time I finally went there. We followed the advice of the sign and drank our beer from the beer/ice cream line while waiting in the food line. It was necessary because it takes a L O N G time to wait in line, order and get your food from this place. A word to the wise (or just a word to the spicy food wusses like me), the veggie tacos are really spicy!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! That's really cool about the awesome employee appreciation day you had. Isn't the butterfly exhibit amazing??? We took Zoe there on her birthday. It was so incredibly beautiful. Hope you got some cool photos. Good to see you the other night.


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