Monday, August 24, 2009

Project 365: Day 143

A Little Bit of Backyard

This little peak at my yard shows my Caroline raspberry patch which is going to yield an amazing amount of berries within the next month. I am such a newbie that when the raspberry bushes started sending out tall stalks a month or so into summer, I asked my dad if I should trim them so they didn't take away from the fruit the smaller, lower branches were growing. Luckily he clued me in that those tall stalks would bear my fall crop of berries. And, holy cow, they are full of green berries! You can also see my little honeycrisp apple tree and a bit of the firepit ring.

I love our little bit of land. It is small enough that we can easily maintain it but large enough to pack in a lot of the things I love and provide a great space for the dogs. Although, when I sit out in the yard, the dogs don't tend to take advantage of the space. They tend to hover right around my chair while eating dirt and munching on sticks. Weirdos.

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