Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Basic Training

My sister is going on vacation. My sister owns 3 ferrets. When my sister goes on vacation someone must take care of her ferrets. That someone is me!

Ever since I was carefully selected for this position, I have been being subtly schooled on the ways of ferret caretaking. Jessy takes VERY VERY VERY good care of her animals and knows that nobody can/will do what she does for them, but I am being prepared to be the best substitute for her that I can be. As part of my training, I went over to her place for some hands-on learning and to receive the specially written ferret manual. This manual includes 1 full page about ferret poop. I kid you not. I learned about "flat ferrets" and bloody urine, both of which are very bad things.

I also learned that one of her ferrets enjoys a good drink from the shower from time to time:

Ferrets are a lot of work. They are, as Jessy puts it, "like 2 year olds on speed." But, I think her training has well prepared me for the 10 days of poop, play and mischief.


  1. Ferrets are very cute, but the nastiness of their poop is the main reason I will never have them as pets. I enjoy looking at pictures of them though!

  2. I will be sure to post some photos of the ferret antics for you! And, hopefully I will be able to refrain from sharing too many of the nasty poop stories.

  3. "Nice Marmot!"

    You are a very kind sister!


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