Saturday, September 19, 2009

Project 365: Day 169

One Way To Do It

It was an exciting morning at the Mill City Farmers Market today. Each week is themed and this week was Oktoberfest, which meant Paul was willing to accompany me to the market. We got to taste a bunch of delicious foods and sample some craft beers (Brau Brothers makes great Stout and Flat Earth makes great root beer!). We had our breakfast at the market and it turned out to be a rather odd breakfast including beer and momos (tibetan dumplings).

We ran into Charleen, Jamie and Sylvia who were listening to the Elk River German Band and their "Umpah-pah, Umpah-pah" music.

We also got to see this demo for roasting red peppers. This woman was spinning a drum full of red bell peppers over a set of propane powered torches. It was a loud and intense process, but it got the job done in a hurry!

Even before we went to the farmers market, we hit up a neighborhood church basement garage sale. Those are the BEST garage sales. We got a load of awesome stuff for $8. Included in our finds was a huge aluminum canning pot (hot water bath, not a pressure cooker), a stovetop belgian waffle iron, two BBQ grill baskets, an ice bucket for the wet bar and some other miscellaneous treasures. Eight bucks!

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