Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June State of the Garden Report: Fruit Bearing

Last year I had a pretty good crop of raspberries. By last fall, I had researched the variety enough to know that it is everbearing and that pruning them requires good timing. I didn't want to mess it up, so I didn't prune them at all. They seem to have thrived in the neglect with the tallest shoots measuring over 6 feet tall!

There is a solid wall of berries forming on them.

I am looking forward to the bounty of berries to come. From my experience with last year's crop, I know they freeze really well. I used my frozen berries throughout the winter in baked goods, smoothies and oatmeal. I am sure I could find plenty more things to do with them if this year's crop is bigger.

We are also going to let our apple trees fruit this year. Last year I picked the apples off. Hopefully it will pay off this year. I have noticed that a bit of the apples have become shriveled and yellow. I am not sure what that is about. Upon the advice of a tree guy I talked to, I did hang sticky red balls in the trees. Fingers crossed that I get enough apples to make Paul that apple pie I promised him!

This year we are limited to these two fruits. In the future we hope to add a strawberry bed and a rhubarb plant or two.
Late breaking news! Last night we harvested the first thing out of our garden: a radish! We shared it. It was zesty and so very fresh.


  1. Gorgeous! So jealous of the wall o' raspberries :-)

    Have you thought about adding blueberries next year? That's my dream :-)

  2. Hooray for the first radish! That is such a great feeling. Are you thinking you might put some asparagus in at some point? That is my dream.

  3. Kate - Blueberries are a great idea! I have never known anyone to have them in the yard, but that would be a tasty addition if it is possible. Do you know anyone who grows them?

    Beth - After my asparagus induced hives, I am reluctant to put that much energy into growing it. I ate some this year from later in the season and didn't get hives, so I haven't totally ruled it out.


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