Thursday, June 10, 2010

June State of the Garden Report: Potted

To save space and to prevent the problems that invasive, perennial herbs can cause, we elected to plant all of our herbs in pots this year.

On our deck we have:
Rosemary - plant from Mother Earth Gardens
Chives - transplanted from my mom's garden
Spearmint - plant from Mother Earth Gardens
Parsley - plant from Mother Earth Gardens
Cilantro - plant from Mother Earth Gardens
Garlic Chives - transplanted from neighbor's yard
Marglobe Tomato - heirloom plant from my dad
Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato - plant was a gift/hand-me-down from neighbors

Earth Box of Sweet Basil
started from seeds
The seed packet was from 2005. I wasn't sure they were going to sprout, so I planted them really thickly. Sprout, they did. We are working on thinning them out so they have space to grow big and full. Pesto, here we come!

We are borrowing a few of my dad's Earth Boxes and custom made cages so we can grow a few things on our driveway where the sun is strong.

2 of of the boxes have tomatos in them. The varieties are:
Pear Tomato (plant from dad)
Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato (plant from Mother Earth Gardens)
2 Marglobe Tomatos (heirloom plants from dad)

1 box contains all of our pepper plants, including:
6 yellow bell peppers (plants from Menards)
1 sweet red bell pepper (plant from Mother Earth Gardens)
1 green bell pepper (plant from Mother Earth Gardens)

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  1. You are gonna be sooooo busy come fall! Love, Mom


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