Sunday, January 9, 2011

Puppet for Zoe

I didn't do a ton of Christmas knitting this year, but there were a few little ones that got knitted gifts. Including Zoe who got this puppet (Ravelry links to my project and to the pattern).

I didn't name him/her so that Zoe could have the honor. I am told this puppet's name is now "Poot."

The eyes are made of buttons from my tin of random vintage buttons. The mane become quite voluminous after I washed and blocked the puppet. I think the giant mane and the long tongue will look wonderfully dramatic during puppet communications.

Jil Eaton released this Zany Puppetina pattern and I can't find any explanation of what creature it is intended to be. Which, I think, is very fitting for imaginative young ones. It can be whatever Zoe wants it to be! And, from what I have observed, Zoe has an imagination large enough to handle the task.

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  1. Trinity, this puppet is so great and we enjoy him/her so much! Currently the name is Poot, but names around here for items of affection change on a daily (sometimes hourly, sometimes more!) basis, so I just want you to know that the next time you come over Poot may be something entirely different! :) We love it and so does Zoe and thank you so much!!! You are such a talented knitter and crafter and we are grateful that you choose to knit for our daughter so often. Have a great week!


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