Monday, January 10, 2011

Sylvia's Surprise Jacket

Little Sylvia received a Baby Surprise Jacket in a toddler/2yr old size for her Christmas present. I even managed to work in some of the leftover yarns from Jamie's birthday present because I thought she would get a kick out of a little mom-daughter matchy-matchy action.

As is generally the consensus with this pattern, I enjoy knitting it because it is just so dang clever! Before I seamed it, I handed it to a few people and asked them to try to turn it into a sweater. They were stumped. How did EZ every come up with this?!

It is fun to see how the stripes end up falling and especially comparing the effect on the front and back of the sweater.

The colors didn't scream GIRLY, so I made sure to add some flower buttons.

Sylvia was not in the mood for a fashion show when she received her sweater, so I have to wait to find out if it fits her or not. She did enjoy the packing materials the sweater was wrapped with, though.


  1. Very cute, I love the buttons you chose!

  2. Adorable, love the colors & buttons! (I'd wear it in my size)

  3.! This sweater is absolutely adorable!!!! Your friends are really lucky to have you knit such quality and beautiful products/items for their kids. I bet Sylvia (and Jamie) loved that one!!!

  4. This is beautiful! You are a really gifted knitter. I have had so much fun browsing over everything you've shown here... you're making me want to buff up my knitting skills :)


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