Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fanny vs Jack: Battle of the Cat Bed Part 2

Fanny got a new cat bed/scratching pad. It wasn't in the house more than a day before Jack tried to commandeer it. She was chilling out on it when he came over and plopped down like he owns the place. So far she hasn't put up a stink about sharing, but she sure was giving him the stink eye.

After I took that first picture, I remembered that Jack has a history of trying to steal her bed. The second picture is from 3 years ago. Also, we live somewhere different now but Tchazo still does the heating vent thing I explained in that post. They are older dogs now, but they are up to the same tricks!

And, for the record, our dogs currently have 3 options for dog beds/pillows in this house. I think he just likes being a big Jack on a little bed.

1 comment:

  1. too funny! actually sid was doing the heat vent thing in our new condo and when violet saw that happening, she stole his vent. now sid has a different vent and in the mornings, they are each at their vents eye-ing each other! and actually, sid is the bed stealer in our home :)


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