Saturday, August 23, 2008

Supermover and his sidekick Underdog

Yesterday was my last day of work. On my lunch break, I took one last walk around the Longwood Medical Area and Fenway. There are so many beautiful buildings in the neighborhood. Who knew hospitals could be pretty to look at?! I really appreciated working in such a historic and picturesque area.

While I was marking all the "lasts" of the day, Paul aka Supermover was performing superhuman P.O.D. loading feats. Seriously, this man is a moving maniac. He had nearly all of our stuff loaded by the time I got home from work. He even devised a solution for moving our insanely large collection of hangers, only a third of which is pictured.

Jack, our Underdog, is a little stressed out about all of the transition. We've loaded the bed into the P.O.D., thereby removing one of the Underdog's usual haunts. He has yet to figure out how to get under the air mattress.

Paul got so much done on Friday that at 3pm today we had all of our stuff loaded into the P.O.D. and have completed many of our other little tasks. We have time to CHILL OUT. I can't get over it. Way to go, Paul.

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  1. YAY! I can't believe you're almost back!!!


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