Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Zoe's Mango Moon Blanket

Mark and Jerri recently welcomed little Zoe into their family. To honor the occasion, I knit them a blanket. Since Paul was headed to Minneapolis to spend time with them, I let him be the bearer of the gift. He kindly photographed the recipients for me.

Notice that Jerri is nursing with her Hooter Hider! Great name for a product.

I knit the blanket out of 3 skeins of Mango Moon Recycled Silk yarn. Since I wanted to use up all of the yarn, I decided to make the blanket from the center and work outwards, increasing at four "corners" as I went along. That way I could end when I was out of yarn without having to worry about symmetry or pattern repeats. When I first started this blanket, I posted this little sneak peak:

Here it is in its full glory.


  1. wow-beautiful--but i think those look like sylvies colors ?????can hardly wait for you to come home

  2. mango moon is just such a glorious name. thank you so much for the beautiful blanket!


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