Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Me vs. Air Conditioning Shawl

I photographed this shawl in Acadia but the shots I took looked like they were taken underwater. The fog was that intense!

So, yesterday I headed over to the local park to get some shots of my "Me vs. Air Conditioning Shawl". I am giving it that title because I made it intending to leave it at my desk at work. There are constant air conditioning brawls in my office. We have one person who likes it to be arctic cold and lots of people who don't. Somehow the arctic person keeps winning, so I needed something to wear over short sleeve tops. I had this yarn that I had bought a long time ago for a sweater that never happened. You may recognize it from this. It is Artful Yarns Fable, which is a cotton and silk blend. It is very nice for Trinity skein! After making the shrug, I still had enough leftover for this shawl and plenty of fringe.

I used the Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl pattern and made it in the "full" size.

In this pattern, you start knitting with just a few stitches in the center and then you work out, increasing at the sides and the center while making the Feather and Fan stitch repeat

I'm really glad I had enough yarn to make the full size and add fringe. The combination of the size and the weight of the shawl make me feel cozy and warm on those cold summer days in the office.


  1. Very nice! I hate being cold in the summer, and cranking up the a/c is a horrid waste of energy. (I tend to rant about this all summer.) Beautiful shawl and nice colors :)

  2. Gooorgeous. I am currently swaddled in my gifted Eileen Fisher wrap, fending off the office AC.


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