Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cussin' At My Mom

Last night my mom came over for dinner. I still haven't gotten used to the fact that hanging out with my family members is an option. For the handful of years I lived in Boston, I kept in touch with my family regularly via phone. We joked over the phone about them coming over to eat dinner when I told them about something I was cooking. It is so neat that I can invite them over to eat and actually have them be able to come over!

Since our time was limited to the time between when work ended and when my mom got too tired to stay awake, I wanted to make something quick. Paul and I teamed up to make this big pan of Vegetarian Lime Orzo. It isn't super pretty but it is very tasty and makes excellent leftovers.

Part of the reason we didn't spend the whole evening making and eating dinner was that we had to leave time to make some jewelry. As part of my mom's birthday present, I gave her the supplies for a set of jewelry and an explanation of the designs I was envisioning. I promised her that we would get together and I would make them for her. I opted for giving her the supplies vs. the finished jewelry so that she could be there to try things on as I made them and approve the designs. Here is a shot of the necklace, bracelet and earrings set.

Now the story behind the cussing remark in the title of this post. As my mom was getting ready to leave, she mentioned something to Paul about how her daughter would never swear because she is such a good girl. To which I reacted by using a few choice expletives. The surprised look on Paul's face was pretty priceless and I think my mom might have burst my eardrum with her shocked yell. A person has to shock people sometimes, you know!

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  1. So much for my delusion of having raised a "good girl" who doesn't use such words! Love you anyway, Mom


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