Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still Renting

Yes. Yes we are. But, we are thinking about changing that soon. And, that fact explains my recent lack of blog posts. We have been attending homebuying workshop classes in the evening to get ourselves educated. We are still gathering information at this point, but have high hopes about being on the path soon. Renting is currently getting a bad rap as we have been having annoying landlord issues in abundance. But, I won't go into them since spewing radiators, missing windows and lease disagreements have already taken up enough of my time and energy as it is.

The other explanation for my recent lack of posting is that the combo of my new job and the recent clock shift has resulted in feelings of total exhaustion and mushy brain at the end of each day. I was just starting to acclimate to the new schedule when the clocks got changed and threw me off all over again. Is anyone else having the hardest time getting out of bed in the morning this week? I've also been losing the battle of staying awake on the bus. The craziest thing is that I am not sleep deprived, just tired.

The good news is that I have still found a little time for knitting. After a few weeks of swatches, false starts and multiple trips to the yarn store, I started a few new big projects. I'll fill you in soon, but for now I have to get some sleep.


  1. I am normally able to bounce back from the time shift, but YES this has been a hell of a week for getting up on time. Ugh!

  2. Yes, I've really struggled with the time change - I've been exhausted all week!

    Good luck with home-hunting!

  3. I, too, have been really tired. There's something about waking up with the first streaks of daylight one week and then being forced back into waking up IN THE DARK! I fell asleep on my lunch break yesterday. I'm so looking forward to longer days and spring weather.

    Good luck with house hunting!

  4. This happens to me only in reverse. I now go to bed at 8 and wake up at 5. Ridiculous.

    P.S. Where are you house hunting? North Minneapolis? My house may be for sale (see my latest blog entry)


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