Sunday, March 15, 2009

Payday for Pets

This past week I finally received my first paycheck from my new job. It was a long awaited check as there was a big gap between my last temping paycheck and the first one from my new job. Phew! I really am amongst the employed again!

I thought I would spread the paycheck love around, so I bought the dogs some new toys. With all of the things we have had going on in the evening the past few weeks, they have a had a lot of crate time. They definitely deserved some new treats.

Tchazo got this squishy rubber ball that has a bunch of ledges built into it so that you can put treats in one side of the ball and he has to work them out the other side. He is very food motivated so just putting a few pieces of his food into the ball makes it a really appealing toy. Plus, he gets to chomp on it, too.

Jack is much less treat and toy motivated but he does like rawhides. He got this bell shaped rubber toy made for wedging mini rawhide bones into it. He is very into holding things with his front paws while he chews them so this bell shape works well for him.

Fanny didn't get to share in the paycheck love since she already has a lot of toys. Besides, her favorite toys are boxes, bags and things I knit, none of which are sold in a pet store. She did, however, have a friend come over to visit. This cat appeared outside of our window today. I think he/she belongs to one of the tenants upstairs and they must have let him/her out to enjoy the nice weather. Fanny was intensely curious and totally entranced by this cat until he/she got bored and walked away.

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