Saturday, March 28, 2009

Farm Fresh from MVFF

Guess what I finally got in the mail this week?

It is my Fall 08 share from Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm! Tchazo had a really good time taking some enthusiastic sniffs of the yarn. I am sure it holds all sorts of farm fresh smells for his sensitive nose!

Shareholders were given the option of getting their share in the natural color or paying a bit more to have it dyed. Since I bought the share last April, I had been envisioning it as a natural, creamy white color. When I saw all of the beautiful colors that I could have, I was tempted to change course, but in the end I couldn't budge from the natural color.

The yarn is a 50/50 blend of cormo wool and mohair. Each shareholder received 5 skeins of a light worsted weight yarn, with approximately 220 yds/skein. I was hoping to get enough to make a sweater, but with 5 skeins, I would have to be very selective about a sweater pattern. I would hate to find myself short on yarn when almost finished with the sweater as this yarn is probably not going to be easy to get more of. Any suggestions?

Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm won a tech makeover contest and one of the things Susan did with the money was to install a LambCam. It is just about time for newborns at the farm. You can check out the live action feed here where the camera is focused on the pen where all the pregnant goats and sheep are being held.

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