Monday, October 19, 2009

Grandma's Quilt

This photo didn't make the cut for Project 365 on a recent visit to my dad's house because the blackberries overshadowed it.

This is the quilt I sleep under when I stay at my dad's house. My Grandma Shirley (my dad's mom) made it. I remember it being around for as far back as my memory goes so I am guessing it is older than I am. It is made from a colorful mix of 1960s and 1970s fabrics including lots of corduroy and tons of synthetics. The pattern is a simple arrangement of fabric squares with a huge variety of textures. It isn't a quilted quilt, but rather, it is a tied quilt. This is the type of quilt that, when you put it over you, it has real weight to it.

My Grandma Shirley is an accomplished quilter. She makes elaborate applique quilts, ornate quilting stitch patterns and has made many, many challenging quilt patterns. When I visited her, I showed her my photo of the quilt and told her how much I liked it. She remarked that she doesn't make that kind of quilt anymore because it is too boring. She also mentioned that she has promised my sister Jessy a quilt and that Jessy said she wants a quilt like the one in the picture. Grandma said Jessy isn't going to get one like that because it is too boring for her to make.

It struck me how much her reaction to that quilt resembles my reaction to my earlier knitting projects. My skills have advanced to the point where a simple stockinette stitch hat with a rolled brim is boring. I can do much more exciting things! I can make cabled sweaters! I can make lacy socks! Heck, I can even improvise my own pattern when the mood strikes me. So, when I see those garter stitch scarves I used to be so proud of, they seem so simple.

But, somehow I don't go to the same place my grandma does with this "boring" stuff. I am still willing to knit it because sometimes I want something I know I am not likely to mess up. Sometimes I know it is just what the intended recipient wants. Sometimes I want to knit something simple. And, sometimes I want to knit something that will challenge me. Even though we don't totally agree about what to do with the "boring" stuff, it is nice to be interacting with my Grandma on common ground.


  1. I can't believe that quilt is still around. It was the warmest heaviest quilt I have ever slept under! It sure has withstood the test of time!

  2. Yeah, it is still around. The backing is a looking a little rough these days but it is still heavy and warm.


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