Monday, October 5, 2009

Project 365: Day 185

Apples to Worms

Last week I received a big bag of apples from one of Paul's relatives. They are of a mysterious, tart and crispy variety. They were most likely grown in this relative's backyard as they were a bit on the rough side with lots of blemishes and funky shapes.

My goal tonight was to use them up before they rotted. I turned some of them into apple crisp. The rest I sliced and soaked in lemon water. Those are currently drying in the dehydrator. I am thinking that the dried apples will be good for snacking and maybe using in oatmeal this winter. It is an experiment much like my many other dehydrator forays. FYI, dehydrated zucchini is nasty, but dehydrated pear tomatoes are heavenly.

On a related note, the worms in the worm factory seem to be happy. I can tell they are happy because they are multiplying! Tonight they are feasting on cores and peels from the apples. Over the weekend I got a countertop compost keeper. This canister will make it easier for us to remember to save our compostables and it will give us a place to toss them while we are cooking. The canister has a lid with holes in it and a filter to keep it from stinking.


  1. I went apple picking in MA this past weekend, and I'm hoping to make some apple crisp or cobbler sometime this week. Do you have a good recipe that you use or do you just wing it?

  2. "My goal tonight was to use them up before they rotted."

    I feel like this is the goal with way too much of my cooking!

    I will have to chat with you about food dehydrating. I have been thinking a lot about it for Todd. Do you need lots of salt? Let's chat sometime! Lunch? Coffee?

  3. Ok,you inspired me to blog on my neglected exercise blog, I hope the link is ok with you. Thank you for the inspiration!


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