Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New York Arrival

After a smooth flight, Jamie and I met up with Becky to start our trip. Becky flew in the night before than Jamie and I did since it takes a lot longer to fly from Utah to NY than it does to fly from Minnesota to NY. We got our rental car and our first taste of east coast customer service from the unnecessarily cranky car rental employee. After driving north out of the city for about 2 hours, our first stop was at an incredibly shiny diner to have some lunch/dinner.

This diner has an astonishingly huge menu ranging from panini's to club sandwiches to gyros and much, much more. With food in our bellies we headed a bit further down the road to the Walkway over the Hudson park. It was a dark and gloomy day, so this is the best picture I could get:

The bridge is 1.25 miles long, which makes it the longest pedestrian bridge in the world.

The views were beautiful with plenty of fall colors and shoreline to take in.

After spending the morning/afternoon sitting in planes and cars, we were happy to walk the full length across the bridge and back. The rangers were not as happy with us as we didn't realize the park had closed at dusk. We ended up getting a park ranger escort as we walked the last half of the return trip in the dark with the ranger trailing behind us in his car.

We then got back into our car to drive the rest of the way to our hotel, check-in, stop at the store and then head to the Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm party. The farm recently underwent a lot of changes, including a move to new property and a name change (now known as Juniper Moon Farm). A big bunch of shareholders had rented a beautiful house for the weekend and opened it up for a potluck gathering with plenty of knitting, spinning, drinking and talking. We stayed for as long as we could keep ourselves awake. Then, to bed we went. We needed to rest up for the first day of the festival!

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