Friday, October 23, 2009

NYC Sights

Going from quiet, rural upstate NY to Times Square in the matter of a few hours makes for quite a culture shock!

When there is nowhere to go but up, here is how they park your car in NYC.

After we checked into our hotel, Jamie and I took a long, sightseeing walk through Manhattan with the end destination of Highline Park. We met Beth there for a walk-dinner-walk evening. The park is really fantastic. For the second time during this trip, we found ourselves walking on a former railroad line turned park.

windows on a nearby building

plants growing in open spaces between concrete panels

The park is constructed atop the old, elevated railroad with walking paths, plants, trees and a variety of sitting and lounging options. Here, Beth is trying out one of the chairs that is mounted on the railroad tracks while the sun shines directly into her eyes. Some of these lounge chairs can slide together to make doublewides!

Beth chose a great place in Chelsea Market for us to eat dinner. The Green Table served us up some tasty local food in a cute little space. I loved the Chelsea Market building, too.

After dinner, Beth led us on a walk through Greenwich Village to Washington Square Park where we saw this great view of the Empire State Building through the Washington Square Arch.

We were in like company with other tourists snapping photos, so we took turns capturing some evening shots.

Me and Beth

Jamie and I

It was great to be able to fit in a visit with Beth. Jamie and I have both invited Beth to move to Minneapolis so we can have more fun evenings together. Beth, thanks for making the trip into the city from Princeton to see us!


  1. It's really weird to me that you all hung out, but in a good way. I'm so glad I introduced you. I knew you'd be fast friends. Love the photos! Glad you had such an awesome trip.

  2. It was great to see you guys, too! Thanks for giving me an excuse to take the afternoon off and head into the city on a beautiful fall day.


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