Monday, October 12, 2009

I Blame Jamie

Project 365: Day 192

At the Crafternoon yesterday, Jamie brought some yarn she had recently bought from Depth of Field. She is going on a washcloth knitting binge during the trip to Rhinebeck and was working up some color combinations. I have a history of knitting lots of washcloths, but right now I have an absolute lack of good cotton yarn options in my stash.

It has been a struggle to find the right project and yarn combination for my travel knitting. I have been to Depth of Field a few times recently to buy cotton yarn. I started out with some clearanced Reynolds Saucy but the remaining color options were so-so and when I brought them home and started knitting with them, I didn't like it. Then, I went back and bought four skeins of Fantasy Naturale mercerized cotton. I knit those up into a mitered washcloth. I didn't end up liking that either because the yarn was too thick and the colors looked yucky together. Then, I looked into making a non-washcloth project but abandoned that idea, too. Finally, I went to Michael's thinking they should have a good stock of solids in Peaches and Cream or Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton. Um. The choices were horrendous. Ugly. I turned around and left quite quickly, leaving the nasty variegated yarns behind.

So, considering that I leave for Rhinebeck on Friday morning, I am really feeling the need to lock down my travel knitting. This evening I went back to Depth of Field (through the magic yarn door) and found the yarn Jamie had yesterday. It was on a bottom shelf, obscured by the shadows. I hadn't even seen this yarn during my previous trips. I started pulling out skeins and it turns out I love the color palette of this yarn. So, I ended up spending just over $40 for 6 skeins of 2nd Time Cotton yarn that I will be using to make washcloths in various color combinations and patterns. Forty bucks for washcloths! I would never spend $40 at a store for washcloths, but $40 for cotton to knit my own washcloths: SURE!

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