Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Needs Buttons

Project 365: Day 285

My Olivine vest is done and blocked and is just waiting for buttons. I plan to go button shopping ASAP (this weekend?), because I am eager to wear the vest. I expect that it is going to be warm and snuggly soft in the same way that my Malabrigo sweater is. Malabrigo is an amazing yarn.


  1. I am not sure if you want suggestions for button shopping but:

    Diggs in Northfield (take me with you! ;) I'll drive.) has darling old and new buttons and there are other shops around for help, antique shops with buttons, etc.

    Hunt and Gather at 50th and Xerxes. Holy antiques and notions.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, Missy. I would totally go to Northfield for a little field trip with you sometime soon. And, I added Hunt and Gather to my list of errands today. They are in the Blue Sky guide!


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