Saturday, February 6, 2010

Annual Galactic Game Night

Project 365: Day 308
February 5, 2010

Last year around this time, we had a game night at Mark and Jerri's house. We continued the tradition this year when we gathered for Galactic Pizza and games last night. This time the Galactic delivery driver was in costume, so we got to meet the Blue Baboon. It was great fun to hang out with Mark and Jerri and I always love a good game night. This year we played Word Grab and Betrayal at House on the Hill. As was the case last year, Zoe hung out with us until her bedtime. The difference is that this year she is walking, talking and learning to express her desires with sign language. Luckily, Paul's gigantic beard did not make an appearance this year. I think we all wish we could have game nights more often, but as we discussed last night, there are so many things to do and so little time available to do them!

Another thing I managed to fit in yesterday was a lunch time trip to the Bell Museum of Natural History. There is an exhibit there called Hungry Planet that Iwas curious about. The exhibit compares the foods typical families eat in various countries around the world. The Bell's exhibit is based on a book, so if you can't make it to see the exhibit, you could look at the book. I love getting glimpses into the lives of other and I love learning about what other people eat, so this exhibit was right up my alley.

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  1. We had a lot of fun! Thanks, too, for the great tip about the Art Shanty Project reminder. We went today and were so pleased that we did. Love you!


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