Monday, June 28, 2010

First Peapod and a Big Storm

Pea season and storm season have both started in earnest here in Minnesota. Last week we had a big storm with ominous skies and strong winds (tornadoes in the state). This week we had 2 big storms with hail, green skies, heavy winds, torrential downpours and flash flooding.

Last week's storm caused one of our tree branches to split off and land in the neighbor's yard.

In the photo above you can see the spot in the tree where it split apart from the tree. We thought it might have been lightning but the neighbor kids were outside and said they didn't see any lightning. They did see sparks as it went down though, because it hit our power line and our neighbor's line.

In this photo you can see that the tree is resting across the neighbor's yard and on top of their lines (the top of the tree is being held up by their lines). Luckily it didn't land on any fences, buildings or cars. While we were on the phone with the electric company, the neighbor came outside and hoisted the tree off of the cable and power lines. He touched it! Live wires! It wasn't the smartest move, but it did help with the immediate situation. The power company made 3 visits to our block last week to fix the issues with our lines and with other lines that were also damaged in the storm.

I have learned that storms are a lot scarier when you own a big tree and a house. We experienced a little water in our basement with the most recent storms and the tree situation with the storm before that. Luckily nothing too awful, but I never used to worry about this stuff before I was a homeowner!

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  1. Hooray for the pea pod! I've already gotten a few little tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce, and some green beans should be ready by the end of the week! It's starting to be harvest time!

    We're slated to get some strong storms this afternoon, I hope everything makes it through the wind. We really need to water, though.


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