Sunday, June 27, 2010

Made in the Shade Weekend

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Now that it has been a whole week since the sale, I should really get this post up! It seems my computer is on the mend so I can finally show you these photos of the sale.

Tarnish and Gold's building reminds me of a home in California. They converted the space from a raw, garage space into a mixed use, studio and exhibition space. The artisan fair shared the gallery with a Chairman Bob show that was already hanging on the walls.

Jessy and Paul in Jessy's space with a bit of my table and a glimpse of Missy

Jessy, Missy and I had our spaces by each other so we could hang out together when things were slow. I would say two of the major elements that made the sale so fun was being table neighbors with these ladies and being paid visits by lots of friends and family.

It was slow enough that I got plenty of knitting and chatting done, but busy enough that it was worth being there. I sold statement necklaces, earrings and lots of resin necklaces (no takers for the stitch marker necklaces!). Missy and Jessy had successful sales, too. Maybe there will be another fair in our futures.

In addition to the Made in the Shade sale, last weekend I also attended the Etsy Craft (Birthday) Party at Crafty Planet. There were lots of crafty people, lots of sweets and a little bit of crafting.

After a full weekend of socializing, I was pooped! It was totally worth it, though.

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