Sunday, June 13, 2010


The story:
This morning I went outside to check how all of the plants are coming along and to pull up a few weeds. Upon inspecting the raspberries, I noticed that a few of them were starting to turn pinkish. I found one in particular that was farther along than the rest. This one was big, plump and nearly ready to be picked. As I held it between my fingers, I decided that with one more day of ripening this would be the sweetest and tastiest little preview of the berry season. I thought that I could pick it today but it would be better if I waited another day. I let go of the berry and turned to the next branch to continue my survey. Mere seconds later, Tchazo came up and SNATCH! He ate the first berry! Pulled it right off the branch! I was stunned. And then I was ticked off. Damn berry thief!
The scene of the crime:

The criminal:


  1. That's a guilty face if I've ever seen one. :-D

  2. Kate - You've got that right!

  3. well i hope he at least enjoyed it!!

  4. Hilarious. Dang berry-eating dog.


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