Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Project! Vortex Shawl

Ahhhh. I had a very blissful evening recently when I ignored all of the things that NEEDED to be done in favor of doing what I WANTED to do. Paul had a friend over and grilled us all a lovely dinner. After dinner, they watched the NBA draft while I went out to the deck with the dogs. I drank wine and knitted on a new project.

Vortex Shawl in a raw silk yarn from Carpool

The yarn was working gorgeously in the stitch pattern, the pattern was intriguing yet easy to memorize, the wine was the perfect accompaniment (garnished with a little lime and a few raspberries from my yard), the weather was perfect, none of the neighbors were making a ruckus, Jack napped underneath my chair and Tchazo explored the yard. Perfection.

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