Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mittens for Zoe

When the weather first started to get cold, Jerri, Zoe and I were walking somewhere and Jerri mentioned offhand that Zoe needed some mittens. My ears perked up and I made a mental note to knit that girl some mittens!

Once upon a time, maybe 2 years ago, I had started a pair of adult, fair isle mittens with 3 colors. I got as far as the cuff when I realized that my needle size was far too small, my gauge far too tight and my stitches all wonky. I tore it out and haven't tried fair isle since then. I thought 2 color baby mittens were a safer way to dive back in.

These are the Two Colour Baby Mittens by Abigail Welbourn. I knit these in two shades of purple Encore Worsted yarn and followed the spiral chart on the pattern.

Since it is officially and very much winter here in Minnesota, I gave Zoe her Christmas mittens last weekend. She wore them home that night and seemed to be grateful for her toasty fingers and her tasty mittens.

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  1. you're right! she loved them. and she uses them all the time now. she does like to eat them, too, but we try to keep that at a minimum and keep her hands warm inside them instead. hee hee! thank you again so much! we love them and zoe is grateful her "aunt" trinity knows how to knit her such cool and thoughtful things!


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