Thursday, December 11, 2008

Random Tidbits From My Recent Life

  • The past two nights I have come home from work to find cat puke on the bed. I've never encountered a cat that doesn't have enough sense to puke on the FLOOR, not the bed! The first night was bad, but we changed all of the bedding and all was well. The second night, I was like "Come on! I am going to run out of blankets!" The weirdest thing is that she pukes where she likes to sleep. She doesn't want to get near her puke, so she has essentially chased herself out of her favorite spot until I come home and make it all better. My opinion of her has always been that she is really cute and sweet, but I question her intelligence. For the record, I also question her coordination.
  • For the 4th time since I started this job search, I am waiting to find out if I get the offer. The suspense is killing me. It is flattering to be one of the chosen few interviewed and sometimes one of the chosen finalists, but dammit, I want the OFFER!
  • When I am stressed out, making a dinner that requires chopping up lots of fresh veggies helps relax me. Or, maybe it is the glass of wine I drink when I am chopping the veggies :) But, seriously, something about the motions of washing and chopping, the shapes I cut and the color combinations is therapeutic for me. It doesn't hurt that I end up with a good meal out of it!
  • Sometimes I forget where I live. Namely, the other day I had a random, passing thought about how I should go get one of the Green Plates from Bloc 11 Cafe (in Somerville) soon because I really like it. Then, I remembered I don't live in Massachusetts anymore. It is weird how my subconscious brain hasn't fully recognized my change of location. I still feel "near" all of the stuff that was really familiar to me in Somerville/Boston.
  • My book group in Cambridge had an article published about them in the Boston Globe yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised when I joined the group at the level of intellect and insight that came out of discussing ChickLit. I think I have been hesitant to join a book group here because I am not sure if it will match the awesomeness of that group!
  • I've discovered a pattern of emotions related to the number of hours I have worked at my temp job. At 20 hours immense boredom starts to set in and I begin to get antsy. I can push through until 25 hours by using distractions like podcasts, bathroom breaks and snacks. If I push past 25 hours, things start to get nasty. Despair, frustration and pessimism start to take over. If I hit 32 hours I dissolve into a mess of tears. Since recognizing this pattern, I spoke with my temp placement and have negotiated new and somewhat flexible hours which I hope I can keep around 25 hours a week. Unless, of course, the aforementioned job offer happens, in which case I will run, jump, skip and happy dance away from temping.


  1. my fingers are crossed for you in hopes you get the offer!!

    also, if it's any consolation at all, twist pukes at LEAST once per week, but usually more like 3 or 4 times, and he NEVER moves from his location in order to puke. so i have found cat vomit on the following surfaces: couch (seats, armrests AND back - he projectile vomits while facing things sometimes), chairs, carpets, bedding, piles of laundry (clean laundry, that is). NEVER ONCE have i found it on the BARE FLOOR!


  2. We found that the hairball formula cat food helps - but it's not completely eliminated (pun intended!).

    That book club sounds fabulous! I am not sure where you will find another like that one, but perhaps there will be one through your new job?!

    Love, Mom

  3. I do the same thing with thinking I should do something that is clearly in Boston. Or even worse, the last time I was going up to Boston I thought to myself "I should go to the spice store I really like" then I realized it's in CHICAGO! Oh how I wish the world was a smaller place, and I lived in the neighborhood with all the cool places and people!

  4. There is no explaining barfing patterns, if you ask me. But they do annoy.

    PLEASE let me know as soon as you hear about the job ...


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