Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Brillo Scarf

Next up in the reveal is a scarf that my mom requested for her Christmas present. She and I were yarn shopping and she found this purple yarn with silver threads in it that she loved. She requested a simple garter stitch scarf out of it. After I started it, I was concerned about the texture and called her up to get her opinion. I explained that it felt like a brillo pad. She said she didn't care, so I kept on knitting. She wore it most of the afternoon after she unwrapped it so maybe she is OK with the neck exfoliating qualities of her new scarf!

This yarn is really hard to photograph. It is called Glisten and is made by Louisa Harding. It is a tape yarn with bits of tinselly, glittery silver mixed into the dark purple.


  1. It's not a Brillo scarf! It may have a little extra texture, but it is very beautiful. I love it! Thank you again, Love, Mom

  2. She looks adorable in it. I say, declare victory!


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