Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sweater Blocks

Holy tedious! This is the project I started at Jamie's a few weeks ago. These are a set of building blocks/balls/toys for Paul's youngest niece and his nephew. I made them by cutting out squares from felted wool sweaters, seaming them together by hand using a thin yarn and stuffing them with polyfil.

I think the colors and textures are interesting so hopefully the kids will too!

If I were to make these again, I would sew the seams with a sewing machine. Handsewing 12 seams on each of 7 blocks took a long time.


  1. they look great! i'm sure the kids will love squishing them and building with them! but i'm with you... OOF on the handsewing! i suppose you could liven up machine seams by some quick running stitches with yarn after the fact, perhaps?

  2. I honestly cannot believe how cool these things are! Any chance you'll make some for Zoe someday!??! Hee hee! I'm sure the nephews and nieces will love them!

  3. oooo those are cool! i really like the patterns and colors you paired together. heck I'D like 'em, so i'm sure the kids will!

    nice work trin :)


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