Sunday, May 3, 2009

Art in Bloom

This weekend is the Art in Bloom event at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. My mom, who is a big lover of flowers, and I went to see the exhibit yesterday. The premise of the exhibit is that a floral artist chooses a piece currently being displayed in the museum and creates a floral arrangement that interprets the piece. It was an interesting concept to see. I found it surprising that some of my favorite arrangements weren't necessarily the prettiest ones, but rather ones that captured something interesting about the artwork. Like this one that captured the grid, the colors and the round shapes of the painting:

Or this one that played off of the patterns and colors in the woman's shirt and apron in a whimsical way.

There were some other really striking arrangements that didn't lend themselves well to photographing, so I would suggest that if you have time today and are a local, you go check out the exhibit. Hint: Look for the one that takes up the whole center of the room. That one was the one my mom and both decided was our favorite interpretation.

On our way out, we looked at a few installations on the front patio of the museum. At one of those installations, this baby bunny found the greenery too good to leave even though there were lots of people gawking at it.

After the museum, my mom treated me to lunch at The Bad Waitress. I thought it was amusing enough to take a photo of these two former waitresses with The Bad Waitress menu. Not only that but it was nice enough that we got to eat at one of the outside tables. Hooray for spring!

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