Sunday, May 31, 2009

Project 365: Day 57

Not Connected

We are living in the dark ages for a while :)
Our internet and cable is gone until we settle into the new house. It is amazing how technology centered our lives have become. Just being without it for less than 24 hours has already prompted many an "oh, bummer" moment, when we have wanted to get some info that requires internet access. I think Paul is especially hurting as much of his entertainment and conversations with friends happens via an internet connection. Without cable service, we get 1 or 2 fuzzy channels on the TV. Luckily we will have less technology to distract us from packing. And, luckily the library and nearby coffee shops have wi-fi if we really need it. Anyway, all this is to say that my Project 365 posting will be be lagging behind for a bit. I have access to the internet at work, just not photoshop to process any new photos. So, instead, I've queued up some long overdue F.O. posts to go up through the week.


  1. It really is amazing how lost you feel without the internet! The few times I've been without it for a few days, I had a TON of moments where I went to go do something, find something out, look something up, and was totally stopped in my tracks! Oh, yeah, need the internet for that...

  2. Oh, we JUST got ours online last night... it was such a relief! Our moving woes? Our fridge broke the day we moved in, luckily new landlord is awesome and ordered me a brand new stainless steel fridge--- now, I have to wait for it to come in. No fridge = no milk, no butter, no food storage! I wish I could mail all our boxes to you in Minnesota... we have so MANY!


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