Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Fishing

While the gentleman went fishing, the dogs and I stayed at my dad's house to play and relax. My plan was to knit and listen to a bunch of podcasts. I set my chair up and knit for a little bit.

But, Tchazo wanted to play.

Plus, the podcasts were not as appealing as everything I started to hear when I stopped making sounds. There was so much going on! Birds and trees make a surprising amount of noise. I decided to wander around a bit and while doing so I discovered this nest full of very hungry robins.

I also came across a lady slipper orchid.

And, pretty much every time I go up north I end up taking at least one photo of the old International truck that hasn't run since I was a wee one. There is something visually captivating to me about the rusty blue, the big lights and the green overgrowth.

1 comment:

  1. That orchid is beautiful. And I really like the truck, too. There's something about old rusty things that's strangely appealing to me. The blue paint adds a nice touch.


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