Thursday, May 14, 2009

Project 365: Day 41

Happy Birthday to Jerri!

Mark, Jerri and Zoe

Today is Jerri's birthday. She had an impromptu birthday dinner out, but Paul and I weren't able to go. (We were already committed to our kickboxing class.) We were able to squeeze in a quick stop by the restaurant to give the birthday girl a hug and a gift (that is what Jerri is holding in the photo). I would have liked to skip the class and join them for dinner, but since I skipped my class on Tuesday night, my guilty conscience required me to get some exercise.


  1. So what is it? A hat? a tube top? I love the color, but I can't tell what it is!

  2. Ha ha! It is a little bag. I'll post better photos of it soon.

  3. It was a very very cool bag and I'm so glad you stopped by to celebrate, even for a sec. I love the bag! Thank you so much for making me such a lovely birthday gift!


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