Thursday, May 21, 2009

Project 365: Day 48

Hard Times Cafe

Hard Times Cafe was the source of my breakfast today. Yum! I got a huge and dense vegan blackberry almond muffin for $2.

This cafe is a unique business and that is probably an understatement. It is cooperatively owned and run, serves only vegetarian food, is open 22 hours a day, has a free area with clothing and misc. stuff, has really fair pricing, and serves a huge range of clientele largely consisting of punk folks and homeless peeps. It is a rare moment when there is not one or more tall bikes parked outside. (When looking for that tall bikes link, I also came across this info. Now it makes sense why the tall bike gangs congregate at this place!)

I'm hoping to go back soon for a taste of their other offerings.


  1. the workers there are a bit anarchist and it takes forty billion years to get your food because they don't really believe in moving quickly. otherwise, love that place! it is so dang cool!

  2. I like Jerri's comment... we have a very 'progessive' cafe in the area that we love, but since no one there likes 'working for the man!', getting your food can take days... if they even remember that you wanted it. We do have a favorite server there, she's always either stoned or in left field and stares directly at you when you give your order and then says "what? did you want to order something?" I love her b/c she's just being herself, but Dan... well, he's more of Dunkin' kinda guy. :) There are so very few really good vegetarian places in Boston... i"m not a veggie, but veggie places have the best salads and sometimes you just want a salad. :)


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