Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Paul's Birthday Evening

Tonight was Paul's birthday celebration. Or, actually, one of his birthday celebrations since he already had a big birthday party and other birthday related visits from family.

We started out the evening with Paul drinking some whiskey I brought him home and opening his gifts. I gave him homemade coupons in each of the envelopes which were good for various gifts, ranging from date coupons to a chest freezer.

After I donned my pretty new dress bought especially for the evening, we headed out for a nice dinner at Craftsman.

The food was excellent! The menu focuses on local, seasonal ingredients. I had a seasonal cocktail that was basically a vodka martini with crushed raspberries, fresh lemon and a splash of prosecco. It was scrumptious. Paul chose one of their many local beers on the drink menu.

Our appetizers included a beet and chevre terrine with microgreens and corn meal crackers. The other plate was locally made gruyere cheese and fruit. Paul had a chicken entree and I had a grilled vegetable sandwich with the most fantastic french fries I have ate in a long time. Paul thought his meal was "very tasty and well done."

After all of that eating, it was good that we had the bike ride home to help with digestion. The Craftsman is in our neighborhood! Yay, Longfellow!

At the moment we are hoping to feel a little less full before bedtime so we can partake of Paul's birthday pie. I think it is Blubarb Pie. Paul thinks it is Rhuberry Pie. Turtle Bread Company calls it Blueberry Rhubarb Pie. No matter what it is called, it looks like a good way to end a birthday.

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  1. Happy bday to Paul! And I sure hope you had ice cream with that pie. It's what Jesus would want, right Jamie?


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