Saturday, July 25, 2009

Project 365: Day 113

ArtCar Parade

Paul, Mark, Jerri, Zoe and I all met up alongside Lake Harriet this evening to watch the ArtCar Parade. The last time I saw this parade was in 2003 and since then, I think it has had varied levels of funding and a variety of venues. This year's parade was fun to watch and full of creative artcars, but was no where near the scale of past parades. In past year's cars came from all over the country to participate. It seems the participants have become mostly local people, with even some bicyclists joining in. Some cars I even recognized from seeing them parked in my neighborhood or driving around doing day-to-day activities.

We watched the parade from opposite the Rose Garden. Somehow I have never visited the gardens before. Between the parade, the lake, the garden and the free concert at the bandshell, Lake Harriet was a very enticing place to be for the evening. As Jerri put it on our walk beside the lake shore, being in Minneapolis during the summer is like being on vacation! This is truly a beautiful city with so much green space and so many lakes to be in, on and around.

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  1. It was super fun to see you! Thanks for meeting up. It was a good study break for Mark and Zoe needed to see Paul so she could give snarlies and smilies to him. :)


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