Monday, July 6, 2009

Project 365: Day 94

Red Wiggler Wormies

Per our request, Jessy gave Paul and I a Worm Factory for Christmas in 2007 and I'm only now getting it set up. Since we were anticipating moving, we held off on ordering worms right away. So, now we are settled and I have worms! The factory is a year round, indoor composting system. The worms speed up the process of composting and, I am told, when they are fully established can eat through 5-7 pounds of food scraps weekly. Plus, when they get really well set up, they will produce worm tea.

The worms were not included with the factory and have to be mail ordered separately. I ordered mine from Worm Woman. You have to use Red Wiggler worms in these composting systems and a typical starting amount is 1 pound which is approximately 1000 worms. Mine were shipped to me in a cardboard box. It was funny to open it up and see them all just chilling in the box.

The worms are now in their new home and have been alive for 3 whole days! I'll have to admit that I am way more excited about the worms than Paul is. Paul is much more smitten with his new BBQ grill, which we used for the first time last night.


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